Thomas Hübl is a renowned, visionary teacher of mystical principles and human inner development. Having worked with tens of thousands of people, Thomas’s methods include meditative practices, the development of somatic and subtle awareness, and conscious cultural engagement for societal healing. A charismatic and compassionate teacher, Thomas draws students from wide-ranging backgrounds including the physical sciences, social sciences, medicine, law, anthropology, and art, as well as those with backgrounds in mysticism and self-development.

Life’s Missing Link: The Mystical Compass

About Thomas Hübl

How Spiritual Band-Aids Fail Us, an illuminating commentary on where spiritual practices can fall short of our expectations.

The Nervous System as the Messenger of the Law, which points the way to how we can keep ourselves in alignment with life’s underlying blueprint.

with Thomas Hübl

The Mystical Compass

How to Activate Your Inner GPS

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In this inspiring talk, Thomas shares insights about the universal Hidden Law and how our “inner GPS” can help us orient our lives to these principles, once we learn to turn it on.  

This free 1-hour recording is your opportunity to join Thomas in exploring how we can apply timeless mystical knowledge in the context of the challenges our world faces today. A gifted teacher and visionary, Thomas has that rare ability to demystify the seemingly obscure and complex, and to speak directly to our own deeper wisdom. 

During The Mystical Compass, you will learn:

  • How living in alignment with the Hidden Law is a restorative process whereby we can improve our intimate relationships, our health and our relationship with nature

  • How our nervous systems are “messengers” of this law, an energy at the heart of life that is transmitted through the generations

  • How becoming attuned to that Hidden Law helps us overcome the entanglements, complexities, and confusions that lead to a troubled life and a troubled world

  • How to access our “Mystical Compass” — the deep “inner GPS” that can orient us to right action and our deeper purpose

Why This Teaching is So Timely

Many of the crises we're facing today - both individually and collectively - stem from our being “out of alignment” with life.  Without the illumination that alignment with the Hidden Law provides, it’s like we’re driving down the road in a fog and only able to see two or three feet ahead, vulnerable to taking wrong turns and going down dead-end roads. Learning to use our “inner GPS” and navigate our life by attuning to the Hidden Law of life helps us see clearly the way forward and also benefits the world because as we restore our own alignment, we can contribute to the healing of our families, communities, and culture. 

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This program is no longer available.

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The Mystical Compass:  How to Activate Your Inner GPS

The Mystical Compass

Learn to Activate Your Inner GPS

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